Our curriculum is grounded in practice and research based evidence and pedagogy, cemented in the belief and confidence that all students are able to learn and are capable, over time, of becoming happy, successful, self-fulfilling and contributing adults. We know that our children come to us with different challenges and starting points, yet our core responsibility to them all is to: diminish learning barriers; increase knowledge; teach positive behaviour and enhance skills and understanding; build self-esteem, confidence, strength and resilience, character and virtues. Our broad, balanced and ambitious offer provides substantial opportunities for personal development, bonded by dependable relationships. With careful scaffolding, we create a platform for engagement and a drive for moral and civically minded successful citizens.

The school day begins at 11.00 on Mondays and 08.50 from Tuesday to Friday.  There is a 15-minute assembly each morning.   Lessons last around 60 minutes each. 

There is a 20-minute break in the morning where students opt for a staff-led activity in small groups.  Lunch is in houses between 12.45 and 13.30. 

We follow the National Curriculum and most students will take some GCSEs at the end of Year 11, which can lead to a college placement or appropriate further education at the right level.  All students will have the opportunity to take Entry Level Certificates and Functional Skills Level 1 and 2 qualifications. Many students also have the opportunity to work towards AQA Unit awards.

Younger students receive the majority of tuition from their Learning Group Leader in a Primary setting with some specialist input.  The remaining classes receive their teaching from subject specialists. 

In addition to the National Curriculum subject’s, students are able to access a diverse range of learning opportunities - recently these have included cooking, arts and crafts, construction, cycling, sewing, enterprise and photography. 

We consider Outdoor Education to be an important part of all students' school lives and we offer a range of experiences, culminating in a one-week residential camp for all students in the summer term.   All students have a dedicated morning or afternoon of outdoor learning experience.


Religious Education

The Governors' Policy on Religious Education is in line with current government guidelines.  It is an element of the common curriculum and aims to provide opportunities to explore and share beliefs and stimulate growth and reflection.  The School is not affiliated to a particular religion.  A daily assembly provides opportunities for reflection and spiritual awareness. 

Alternative provision can be arranged if parents/carers wish to exercise their right to withdraw students from religious worship and instruction. 

A student's Learning Group Leader is responsible for monitoring, recording and reporting on academic and behavioural progress and for co-ordinating the work of the Learning Mentor Team - a group of staff with a range of skills assigned to work as a holistic team around the child. 

Student performance is monitored on a lesson-by-lesson basis.  Verbal feedback is provided from education staff in order to reinforce academic and behavioural strengths and, conversely, raise student awareness of any difficulties. Individual and group performances contribute to Student of the Week and Learning Group of the Week competitions. 

Students can also be awarded Learner of the week in specific subjects. Students can earn Learner Tokens throughout the week, which they can save and cash in for a variety of rewards.

Each student's progress is reviewed formally every half term and Annual Reviews are held in accord with current government guidelines.  The school's database facilitates the tracking of student progress and informs future planning. 

Parents/carers are invited to attend Annual Reviews and are encouraged to contact the school for updates on progress.  Parents will also have the opportunity to visit the school and talk to staff on Open Days at the end of each term. Each academic year a written report will be sent home to parents informing them of the progress the students have made.