Senior Leadership Team

Sue Ackroyd

Sue Ackroyd


Caroline Booth

Caroline Booth

Deputy Principal

Martin Gibson

Martin Gibson

Deputy Principal

Damien Talbot

Damien Talbot

Vice Principal

Rajinder Randhawa

Rajinder Randhawa

Vice Principal

Head of Curriculum

Helen Heslop

Head of Education 

Karl Adamski (SENCO)

Senior Teacher with lead responsibility for positive behaviour and strategies

Barrie Campbell


Amy Carr, Katie Arey,  Jerome Barton, Rachel Willshaw, Mary-Ellen Taylor, Jo Sayles, Jonathan Stead, Helen Illingworth

Emotional Learning Leader

Stewart Griffiths (Child Protection Deputy)    

Learning Support Co-ordinator

Janet Quanne

Senior Learning Support Assistants

Ann-Marie Lehmann & Glenn Lamont (HLTA), Brenda Yates 

Learning Support Assistants

Helen Roberts, Jack Pickford, Sarah Thompson, Debbie Fitzpatrick, Shari Steele, Wendy Marshall

Individual Support Workers

Camilla Boussaada & Nicole Trew (ISW Co-ordinators)

Helene Mellor, Phil Raud, Rochelle Liburd, Carl Coleman, Tarnya Mitchell, Chad Lehmann, Kerry Fitzpatrick, Shauna Robinson, Chelsea Singh, Charlotte Gilpin, Kerry Parker, Georgia Nelson, Georgina Hopkins, Stacey Spencer, Momodou Jeng, Stephanie Burns, Amiee McColl, Katie Bower, Kerry Parker, Helen Shaw, Charlotte Goodwin, Terie Gartland, Dallas Ghani, Sarah Boyle, Luke Roberts, Natalie Webster, Pete Murphy, Kath Binns, Kayla Brooke, Tyler Augustine, Cameron McDonald, Jill Kitching, Teah Murray, Danielle Regan

Care Manager

Jennie Adamksi

Individual Support Workers 

Razwan Amin, Marc Audsley, Sofia Butt, Mohammed Obaydullah, Dwaine Liburd, Andrew Pike, Sabia Sait, Kate Smith, Gareth Holliday, Cressida Banks-Klos

Head of Therapies  Sarah Ayache

Drama Therapist  Jim Cameron, Alice McHugh

Family Counsellor  Rachel Cowdrey

Occupational Therapist  Christina Smith, Louise Bennett

Art Psychotherapist  Lucy Everitt

Music Therapists  Aby Vulliamy, Amy Shipley, Nick Richards

Speech & Language Therapists Harriet Richardson, Heather Clarke

Family Welfare Practitioner Jennie Adamski 

Specialist Outreach Counsellor  Johnny Ireland

Consultant Clinic Forensic Psychologist  Paul Cousins

Therapy Assistant Erikas Vaitulevicius

Therapeutic Support Worker Emma Mills

Residential Care Managers

Gareth Walters, Anthony Hemingway, Kirsty Helliwell

Senior Residential Social Care Workers

Gary Charlesworth,  David Cartner, Laura Kelsey,Tom Forsyth, Rob Healey, Jon McBurney, Justin Waterworth, Carl Gregg

Residential Social Care Workers

Sharon Barrett, Joanne Hull, Tracy Kirbyson, Charlotte Green, Matthew Hill, Tracey McGuinness, Lauren Golding-Smith, Seifeddine Boussaada, Alex Taylor, Helen Bottomley, Billie Moyers, Simon Hogben

School Nurse    

Sara Hill


Residential Care Manager Kirsty Helliwell (Child Protection Deputy) 

Residential Social Care Worker Joanne Hull

Head of Support Services Lisa King

PA to SLT Vanessa Talbot 

School Secretary Adele Beer

Clerk to the Governing Body  Vanessa Talbot

Finance Manager Sam Childe

Payroll Manager  Jen Clegg

HR Manager  Sonia Stewart

IT Manager Alan Godfrey

IT Assistant  Christopher Myers

Senior Admin Assistant April Charlesworth

Admin Assistant  Tom Clarke, Anne Johnson, Sarah Wynne

Catering Manager  Ross Howarth

Cooks  Neil Dear, Elli Harling

Kitchen Assistant  Wendy Lee

Housekeeping Supervisor   Jane Taylor

Housekeeping Assistants  Linda Barrett, Barbara Dunne

Waking Night Staff  Selwyn Lewis

Premises/Maintenance Supervisor Mick Cartwright

Premises/Maintenance Jason West, Lee Harland

Corporate Compliance Officer Paul Ackroyd

Gardener Dean Wilson


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