Hollingworth Lake Marathon

Hollingworth Lake Marathon

7 June 2019

To raise money for the Schools chosen charity, Cancer Research, four boys’ along with two members of staff decided to set a challenge of walking a marathon around Hollingworth Lake (12 laps of the path round the lake).  The staff and students’ did lots of training to prepare for the event which included walking on the canal From Brighouse to Sowerby Bridge, Ingleton Falls and they also walked to Stoodley Pike and back on one occasion.

The big day arrived Thursday, 23rd May 2019 and they started their walk at Hollingworth Lake at 8am, the weather was on their side, it was a little overcast but was dry so all were very happy.   They walked at a good pace and had lots of conversations and laughs along the way.  Visitors from school joined the entourage to encourage them along and some even walked a few laps with them.

After lunch the tiredness started to hit the staff/students and the sun had begun to shine, spirits were kept up and they ploughed on with the last 6 laps. On the final lap all were struggling, exhausted, had blisters and could have easily given up, but in true Bill Smiths style they didn’t.  They encouraged each other to complete the 26.2 miles finishing the walk at 7.15pm.

They all then enjoyed a nice meal out together as a reward for their massive achievement.