Bespoke Education Support and Tuition Provision

Our Bespoke Education Support and Tuition (BEST) team caters for complex needs, predominantly Y11 or 16+ students, who have unfortunately proved too difficult to place and who therefore find themselves ‘between services’ and outside of any formal educational provision. 

We have a dedicated on-site purpose made building which offers: an ASD friendly classroom; a sensory learning space; a social skills area; a life skills kitchen; and a covered outside vocational/sensory garden. We also have two off-site learning bases which offer individual, bespoke learning, planned, and delivered by experienced teachers and support workers. Home tuition is also offered to students who are experiencing mental health and anxiety which is causing barriers to them studying outside their home. 

The team consists of Teachers who deliver a broad spectrum of subjects as well as a Social Worker, Counsellors, and experienced Case Workers. The staff work with the students both on and off site; at home and in the community; and in constant liaison with families and other agencies. 

The current programme incorporates community-based work, developing life and social skills and interacting with the public with a focus on reducing social isolation and encouraging peer mentoring. The education offer currently includes a wide spectrum of levels...AQA awards, OCR qualifications, GCSE and A levels which are all delivered on a 1:1 basis. This helps the young people focus of gaps they may have in their learning as well as addressing their individual learning difficulties. We focus on teaching functional skills and promoting independence and have access to a bank of community-based resources. Much of our off-site work is supported on a 2:1 basis and any on site work is supported on at least a 1:1 ratio when participating in group engagement activities. We are very keen to work with other agencies to signpost ‘where next’ and ensure we are working towards realistic and holistic future outcomes for all students. Family welfare support is also offered and is viewed as an essential part of our overall work.  

Direct therapeutic input, including Psychotherapy, Clinical and Forensic Psychology, OT and SaLT  can be commissioned as additional services  but their advice and consultation is provided as standard.